Robin Dietz-Mayfield is an experienced attorney who practices family law exclusively. I practice in a variety of family law matters including:


Marriage Dissolution (Divorce or Annulment)


The end of a marriage is a difficult time for all individuals. Besides the emotional strain of the moment, the couple must resolve many complex legal issues including child custody, property division, and support. I have the professional experience you need to guide you through each step of this painful and complex process. If you and your spouse are amicably ending your marriage, I can provide you with the guidance you need to preserve your rights and reach the best possible settlement.


Domestic Abuse


If you are suffering emotional or physical abuse from your spouse, there are legal options available to you to protect you from further harm. I have worked with domestic abuse victims for more than fifteen years. I have used legal remedies for numerous clients to shield them from the abusive spouse. I understand the emotional toll that domestic abuse inflicts. I know how to make the abuse stop.


Ante-Nuptial & Post-Nuptial Agreements


When a couple decides to marry, they often believe that their marriage will last forever. In today's society, though, reality dictates that couples with significant assets plan for the possibility that their marriage may not last. Proper planning does not equal doubt, however. Instead, it is prudence. This is true even if the couple acquires significant wealth after the marriage. I have the experience to guide a couple through this process without creating unnecessary headaches.


Child Custody Contests


Child custody contests can occur inside or outside a marriage. The presence of a child in any situation ignites tensions quickly and can make the situation difficult to navigate. Parents are anxious to resolve who will get legal custody, and physical custody. I have represented parents in countless contested custody hearings. I know how to achieve the best result possible for you and your child.


Temporary & Permanent Support


When one spouse elects to leave the other spouse, the couple's responsibilities do not disappear instantaneously. The couple still has joint bills, a mortgage, and often children to support. No spouse should have to support the couple's household alone. I will work aggressively to hold your spouse accountable for his or her responsibilities, even during the period before you end your relationship.


Maintenance Adjustments


When a person loses a job, wins the lottery, remarries, or has a child, the person's maintenance obligations and rights change. I can help you insure you are paying or receiving what is fair, not what your former spouse wants.


Paternity Contests


A paternity action can confirm who is the father of the child, and will ensure that the child’s father is supporting that child. I know the intricacies of compelling a father to share in the responsibility of raising a child.


Foster Placement / CHIPS Defense (Children in Need of Protective Supervision)


Is the government challenging the way in which you choose to raise your children? Has the government placed your child in the care of a foster parent? I have appeared in many CHIPS matters and possess the knowledge needed to contest the government's allegations aggressively. I will work with you to bring your child home.


Grandparent / Relative Rights


These cases allow Grandparents, and other relatives, to remain an active participant in the lives of their grandchildren. I have represented grandparents seeking a more active role, and parents seeking to exclude a relative when the relative poses a legitimate threat to the child.




There are few events in life as thrilling as adopting and raising a child. The highly bureaucratic process of adopting a child, however, can be overwhelming. I can eliminate the headaches by using my professional acuity to guide you through all of the legal hurdles and make your adoption as stress-free as possible.


Appellate Representation


Did you get the outcome you expected? Do you think that the court failed to consider all your evidence? I am an experienced appellate attorney, and have argued before the Minnesota Court of Appeals on several occasions.



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